Friday, June 12, 2009

Broken Hearted Subway Ride

Y'see...I have this problem. I'm a people-watcher and a story-teller, so I watch people and make up their stories...and sometimes that's not good. Like today, for example, I kinda had my heart broken! It was me getting in my own head.

Beautiful girl, we meet eyes, and my mind wanders -- creating her entire life story. She has a fantastic smile and I imagine the dreams she's having as she tilts her head slightly back against the 6-train window and gently shuts her eyes.

I imagine where she grew up, where she lives, where she works, everything.

I imagine the kitchen she goes home to and cooks in.

I imagine the childhood puppy she had but has not yet replaced since coming to New York City, though she desperately wants to.

And then she gives out a smile...the kind of smile one only gives when thinking of a significant other. And my heart drops.

Now my story shifts to him. How they met. How she's way too good for him yet she can't break up with him because, even though she knows she's too good for him and her friends and family hate him, there's something about him she loves. And then I get a little sad, and move on to reading the newspaper over someone's shoulder.

And that was today's commute.